Your safety matters! That is our top priority and you can see that in our services. We provide a life jacket and helmet along with instructions on how to sustain flight. Our trainers will be there to assist you whenever necessary. We have the latest equipment making it both safe and efficient. We like speaking directly to all of our customers, so please give us a call at 832-202-3612 to answer any questions you may have that are not covered here.


How does it work?

A jet-ski pushes pressurized water up a 50+ foot hose that is then split into multiple jet nozzles that propel the device and the rider.  The Jetboard attaches to your feet and lifts you from below giving you the sensation of human flight without wings.

How long will it take to learn?

Most first-time riders are flying within 5 minutes, but everyone has a different learning curve so your actual time may vary. Our Instructors are the best in the business and our learning system is very effective, so you can expect to be flying comfortably by the end of your first lesson. A lot of riders are doing dolphin dives and 360 spins on their first lesson!

How can we sign up?
Pick a date and time, then give us a call at 832-202-3612 to check for availability and make your reservation.

Is there an age limit?
Yes. Anyone under 18 years of age will need a Parent/Guardian present.  However, age is not as important as lower body control and agility. For example, we have seen children as young as 6 who are active with other sports like gymnastics, football, baseball, soccer, etc. get right up and have the time of their lives. We have also seen some children as old as 12 who are not active with sports or other outdoor activities have a hard time flying. It’s more about size and ability than age.

Is there a weight limit?
Yes. We require that you weigh at least 90 lbs.

What should I wear?
Normal swim attire will be just fine.  Men, make sure your shorts fit snug or have a drawstring.  Ladies, feel free to bring a pair of shorts if you would like.  There is also a changing area nearby for your convenience.  Don’t forget sunblock and a towel!

Will I get wet?

Yes. You will be in the water and you can expect to be wet from head to toe. You may bring a dry change of clothes to change into once you have finished.  There is a changing area nearby for your convenience.

Do I need to bring a life jacket or helmet?
No, we provide all of the necessary safety equipment. It’s not a problem if you prefer to bring your own, just make sure that your jacket is Coast Guard approved. We also have wetsuits available.

Can I bring a camera and/or friends to watch?
Certainly, it’s encouraged! We are located on a floating marina and there is a dock nearby where your guests can take pictures.

Are you available to perform in shows and events?
Yes! We have a team of highly skilled people that will put on a great show for onlookers and guests at any event. We can customize any show to meet your unique needs!

What should I expect when I arrive?
1.  Meet and get to know each other while a little bit of paperwork gets filled out.
2.  Go over some simple instructions with your instructor while on land.
3.  Gear up, strap in, and hop in the water.
4.  Get out on the lake and enjoy your Hydroflight Experience!