Jetboarding is the new adrenaline pumping water sport that allows you to fly! This exciting invention attaches to a jet ski and uses its propulsion to blast water through a 50ft hose that is connected to a board you can maneuver through the air on. The instructor on the jet ski controls how high you can go so you will always stay at a safe height. Each individual will have their own unique learning curve, many people are up and stable within minutes! Once you are able to stabilize yourself above the water, then you will move on to learning to make turns, dolphin diving, and even whipping 360 spins and backflips!

Once you are signed in, you will receive the initial on-land training prior to getting strapped to the board.  Your instructor will be able to give more detailed training while out on the water through a two-way communication device.  You will first learn to maintain a steady position above the water, then we will move on to steering left and right and moving forward.  As soon as you are comfortable with the controls, you will be let loose to fly your heart out!