The Jetovator Freedom Flyer is the newest creation from Jetavation, Inc.  Jetavation, Inc. wanted to be able to share the unique Jetovator flying experience with some of our wheel-chair bound or disabled veterans that have been wounded in combat while serving our country.

This special Jetovator model was designed to offer disabled flyers the freedom to fly with ease in the comfortable sitting position that they are accustomed to. They also designed the controls so they would be very similar to manipulating the wheels of a conventional wheel chair and the flying experience is very similar to balancing a wheelchair on its two main wheels.


Just like the Jetovator, all of your power is directed from the jet ski to the bottom of the Freedom Flyer giving you all the thrust you need to effortlessly fly through the air or surf across the water while in the seated position!

You will receive the initial on-land training prior to getting in the water.  Your instructor will be on the jet ski controlling your thrust and can provide additional training while on the water through a two-way communication device.  You will first learn to maintain a steady position on top of the water while traveling forward.  Once you are comfortable, we will move on to steering left and right and then up and down.  After learning the basics, you will be ready to start soaring through the air!